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About Us


High Quality Products

We use several different paint brands, allowing us to customize our colors, finishes, and detailing. 


Furniture and Home Decor

Although we specialize in refinishing furniture pieces, that's not all we do!  We have several home decor and gift items for purchase, including our very own hand-poured, scented, soy wax candles.  Our chosen fragrances vary by season.


Dravet Syndrome Foundation

Why we do what we do

Focused around our family, and specifically our son, Liam, Intermission is more than just furniture refinishing and gifts. Intermission is owned by me, and run by my husband, Billy, and me. Our three daughters, Hailey, Lauren, and Addison, assist and participate in many aspects of the business, including crafting, staging, painting, and marketing.   My “career” plan in life was to stay at home with our children until all four were in school full-time. God had other plans when he blessed us with our son, Liam, in 2009. Liam has many medical and special needs requiring 24/7 care.  Given my degree of a BA in Nursing, and the fact that I am Liam’s mother, I believe I am the best qualified to be his primary caregiver! Being available and present to care for Liam would not be possible if I were working outside the home. We would need to hire and pay for a professional health care worker to do the exact job that I am already doing. Being a family of six, with three active daughters, living on one income has been challenging and puts much stress on Billy, our sole source of income for the past 15 years. Intermission has been a way for me to put my lifelong creativity and love for decorating to good use.  I love seeing the smiles brought to the faces of people who purchase our furniture, or the tears of joy shed by the clients that send us their family heirlooms to restore and bring back to life. Each piece comes with a story, and watching it be transformed from salvage to beautiful, provides me a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Being a Furniture Artisan has not only proven to be a way to contribute to our family income, but also has been amazingly therapeutic in response to the worry, care, and stress that comes along with caring for a medically fragile child.  I invite you all to learn more about Dravet Syndrome, and what our family life is like living with Liam, and the things he struggles with on a daily basis.  Please visit for information on this syndrome, as well as a link to donate to research, for a cure.  In addition, with each purchase of furniture, decor, or gifts from Intermission, you will be supporting the Dravet Syndrome Foundation.  At the end of the year, a percentage of our sales will be donated to the foundation in Liam’s name. Thank you for supporting Intermission, Dravet Syndrome, and our family. 

With Gratitude, 

Erin VonSee - Owner, Furniture Artisan

How you can help

In addition to making a purchase from Intermission, there are other ways to help Liam and his Dravet brothers and sisters.  Use the link below to educate yourself and others on Dravet Syndrome.  Then, create awareness by sharing our link. You can also make a monetary donation, or a donation of your time, by volunteering. Details can be found on the Dravet Syndrome Foundation website.