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Fine furniture painting and refinishing

Refinished Inventory Available

Small Buffet / Dresser


  • Deep Gray with blended drawer fronts and refreshing, unique, new drawer pulls
  • Dimensions: 40” Length x 23” Depth x 34” Height 

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Antique Mahogany Kidney-Bean Desk


  • Refinished in a Graphite base, with light gray accents, and silver highlights; new hardware, Ebony stained writing surface
  • Dimensions: 46” Length x 23” Depth x  30” Height

Sofa / Console / Hall Table



  • Refinished in a deep navy, with a natural stained top surface.  Made between 1906-1927, by Mersman Brothers Brandt’s Company.  
  • Dimensions: 60” Length x 20” Depth x 30” Height 

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Antique Jacobean Cabinet with Hutch


  • Clean White, black accents, dovetailed drawers, new shelving,  glass panel available for front display
  • Dimensions: 38" Length x 18" Depth x 73" Height

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Bombay Dresser / Chest


  • Taupe Base, Metallic Champagne overlay, silver accents, original hardware washed in metallics
  • Dimensions: 40” Length x 19” Depth x 35” Height

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