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Welcome to Intermission, LLC - Fine furniture painting and refinishing

Family Owned Furniture Refinishing, Home Decor, and Gifts

Lakeville, MN 

What do we Offer?

Refinished Inventory

Antique, vintage, or unique furniture pieces refinished by Intermission, currently available for purchase.

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Custom Inventory

Raw pieces available for purchase and customization.  Purchase as-is, or work with us to customize a finish using the colors and details of your choosing, and then let Intermission do the work for you!

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Home Decor and Gifts

Candles, Wine Racks, Accessory Hooks, mason jars, frames, etc. all hand-made and/or hand-painted by Intermission, available for purchase.

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The Nature of Old, Used, Antique, and Vintage Furniture

All furniture pieces for sale from Intermission, LLC are unique and will show some signs of wear. We do our best to repair and update each piece by removing any unnecessary imperfections. Small signs of wear are often incorporated into our overall design for the piece, and to a certain degree, are not completely eliminated. This allows the character and uniqueness of the piece to remain. We do ensure that all functional parts (drawers, glides, hardware) are in working condition so that the piece can be utilized to the fullest. We’re happy to send additional information or photos upon your request. Thank you!

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